Open Vragen

The bow is the inspirational image. It perfectly expresses the synthesis between the natural properties of materials and our human interventions. Once upon a time someone, driven by a longing, thought of creating the bow. This act, inspired by the material, allowed it in turn to speak in human language. The resulting dialogue has been brought to light in a simple sculpture, in which the tension continues to strike us.

Old tools and instruments, but also foreign vessels and even weapons may evoke questions about their long-forgotten use or presumed function, while their presence seems simultaneously so natural. Sometimes it is a story that imposes itself. In my work I try to bring such images to the surface as far removed yet vaguely present memories. What was the use of the copper-sulfate carrier, or the old petroleum pump? Concept determines form, material adapts.

Sculpting, for me, means reinventing the wheel, over and over again.


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